Gain Layers Pellets Poultry Feed 20kg


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GAIN layers pellets poultry feed is formulated with 16% protein and provides the essential nutrients needed to provide good health to your birds as well as supporting excellent egg production.

18 in stock

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Contains 16% protein with added calcium and colours
GAIN Layers feeds include permitted colourants to maintain egg-yolk colours where the birds access to green forage is restricted
Feed from 16 weeks or Point-of-lay
20kg polythene plastic bag is fully recyclable
Can be used with mixed age flocks

GAIN layers pellets are formulated to meet the energy and protein requirements of the laying birds throughout production. GAIN layers pellets will provide your chickens, ducks, hens and laying bantams with the essential nutrients that are needed to provide good health and support excellent egg production. GAIN layers pellets poultry feed contains quality proteins and all the essential amino acids for good feather development and egg production. These pellets are nutritionally balanced with vitamins and minerals to keep your animals strong and healthy. You can feed GAIN layers pellets from 16 weeks of age and can be used for mixed age flocks. Layers pellets are the ideal way of feeding if your birds access to green forage is restricted. Please ensure that clean fresh water is available when feeding, this product should only be fed to poultry. GAIN layers pellets can be used for feeding all year round. The 20 kg polythene bag is fully recyclable.

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