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Total Nature Grainfree Digestive Treat 70g


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We ensure the same level of care, attention and nutritional expertise goes into each and every
one of our treats. Each one is specifically formulated to be both a palatable and
nutritious complementary feeding supplement. Using our Freshtrusion™ technology, this treats range provides
a nutritious and healthy way to reward pets. The range has been formulated with responsibly sourced
and highly digestible protein and is packed with 64% freshly prepared animal ingredients.

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Why Digestive?
Good digestion is crucial for a pet’s health so they can obtain all the nutrients they need from their food.
This recipe has been formulated to help promote healthy gut movement and support the growth
of good bacteria, both of which are required to help support gastrointestinal health.

Contains Prebiotics
MOS and FOS MOS (Mannanoligosaccharides) & FOS (Fructooligosaccharides) may help to
support the growth of healthy gut bacteria and enhance the absorption of nutrients.

No Added Grain
Some pets are intolerant to grains, which may cause skin irritation, poor health or digestive discomfort which can cause
anxiety and stress reactions. This recipe is formulated to be Grain Free.

Contains High Fibre Level
To help support gut movement and to promote a firmer stool consistency

Added Probiotic
To help stabilise and stimulate the growth of advantageous gut flora.

Contains Cellulose
May help maintain a healthy gut transit time and aid weight control.

Added Vitamins & Minerals
Added Vitamins & Minerals which are essential for a pet’s overall health.

Added Nucleotides
Added nucleotides – essential for the repair and renewal of cells. This also helps support all round health and well-being

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